An audio tour for two people, about the history of the Philadelphia Lazaretto.


Quarantine Play is a guided walk through the Lazaretto’s history. You and a friend will listen to two different but interconnected audio tracks weaving together stories, interviews, historical documents, and instructions for exploring the site.



1) Find a friend.

2) Download the RED track, and ask your friend to download BLUE (or vice versa).

3) Meet at the Philadelphia Lazaretto, 99 Wanamaker Ave, Essington, PA 19029 - see map below. Wear your favorite headphones. Picnic optional.

4) Stand at the main entrance to the Lazaretto, on the side that faces the river. Press play at the same time.




The Lazaretto


The Lazaretto was Philadelphia’s quarantine station from 1801 - 1895. The staff here reviewed the health of all cargo and people arriving to the city during that period. It is the oldest surviving quarantine station in the United States.



Tour Information

  • The tour takes place in Tinicum Township, on the ancestral land of the Lenni-Lenape people.

  • The tour starts just outside the entrance to the township offices, on the side of the main building that faces the river.

  • To begin, start your track at the same time as your partner.

  • This tour takes place outdoors, so please dress for the weather.

  • Unfortunately, the site is not wheelchair accessible. Make sure you feel comfortable walking on gravel and grass, and you’re wearing comfortable shoes.

  • This tour contains heavy content, including disease, death, slavery, and oppression. Care was taken to handle these topics with sensitivity, but please take care of yourself and your partner as you listen. The stories may impact people in different ways.

  • Be careful and pay attention to your surroundings. By downloading or streaming this tour, you agree to hold its author and their collaborators harmless of any liability.

  • This audio tour is interactive. You will be interacting with the place, and interacting with your partner. This should be someone you are comfortable looking in the eye, holding their hand, and touching their arm - and someone you are comfortable with doing those things with you.



  • Click here for a map.

  • The Lazaretto is behind the Fire Station on 2nd Street in Tinnicum Township. You can park in the Fire Station parking lot.

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